Week 3

Last Sunday finished off with a good swim session (2550m). Coach Nathalie was back and she gave me more advice: now that I’ve fixed my left hand entry, I need to get my head lower in the water and do less head lifting to breathe (turn, don’t lift to breathe). This head position issue may be easier to fix than my hand entry.

Monday – rest day. glorious rest day.

Tuesday – 1:10 bike with 30s power intervals. The bike went really well. It was one of the days where it all felt good.

Wednesday – 40 min fartlek run. I managed to get out for a lunch time run. It was raining, but it wasn’t cold. Some wires got crossed at work and I was irritated. Running irritated = running faster.

Swim – 2700 m. I swam with John and Joe – both of them 55+ and it took all I had to keep up with them. We did a build set, then had to hold our fastest time for 6 x 100. Joe lead and we did the 100’s on ~1:45. Soooo fast.

Thursday – Brick!! 1:00 bike and 20 min run. The bike took a bit to get into. This seems to be the theme for mid-week rides. After the ride, I changed into run gear and did 3.2km in 20 min. It was good run. My legs felt good and I felt like I had good energy.

Friday – After work I had supper out with friends, so no bike ride for me.

Saturday – 3200m swim follow by a 12 km run. I ran with Patti and we kept a nice training pace for the run. It wasn’t as warm as I had hoped for Saturday morning, especially not in the sections that were into the wind.

Sunday – 1:45 bike started the morning. I had gotten a ride plan from a friend and it had nice variety to keep me working. Despite opening the window behind me, I was a hot, sweaty mess after 20 min. After the ride, I ate a second breakfast and watched a bit of tv before going out for a 30 min. The weather was much nicer than Saturday’s, and the run wasn’t that bad.


Week 2

Last week Sunday finished off with a good swim (2050m plus kick). I was definitely feeling the effects of the bike and run from earlier in the day. I think I should have eaten a bit more, or maybe more carbs, between the run and swim. I have 19 more weeks to figure this out…

Monday – I tried to get out of playing soccer, but the team had no subs. I borrowed an MCL brace. The brace was awesome – no wiggle at all in my knee and no pain (probably because it was so tight I couldn’t feel anything).

Tuesday – 1:00 bike with 6 x 20 s power intervals (as per training plan). I upped the intervals to 30s since I’ve been doing 1 min intervals in the off-season. The trainer ride went well – I was happy with my cadence and my knee was fine.

Wednesday – It had snowed at least 10-15cm overnight, but the 7am run club still went out. Run club attendance was only me. The first ~1km had been plowed, but after that I was running in ankle deep snow. To say it was a slog is an understatement. I got the 35 min done, and my attempts at doing fartleks went well the first few (where the path was plowed) but after that, just keeping going despite the snow was the main focus.

Swim club had a substitute coach. We did a bunch of kick sets. Not being to do whip kick meant for a lot of flutter kick. I used to wimp out of doing a lot of flutter kick – when it’s the only kick I can do, it was amazing how many meters I can do as flutter kick. The Garmin says I did 2400m, but it would have been at least 200+ m more with all the kick.

Thursday – 32 min run (a bit short of planned time). I actually managed to get out and run at lunch time. It was a bit chilly out, but bright and sunny. I wished I had my sunglasses for the run. The training plan had called for 40 min, but the conditions were better than expected (so the run was short on time for the distance). I also had a lost sock issue as I went to start the run. I spent at least 5 extra minutes in the building before I got out, so I couldn’t push my lunch time limit.

After work I did 1:15 on the trainer. The ride took a bit to get into, so I worked on cadence over power to keep from over-exerting. As a treat, I ordered take out pizza, for pick-up right after I finished. Probably the best idea I’ve had in a long time.

Friday – I got home from work at a decent time and did my 1:00 bike ride. I was tempted to do the trainer ride in the morning to keep from doing it late evening. But I forced myself to leave “early” from work to get my ride done. I did a series of 5 min intervals – easy/medium/hard on repeat. The easy was great for spinning the legs out, and it got a bit easier after the first 20 min.

Saturday – 3300m. Coach Ben was back from his trip and challenging us was his goal. Goal succeeded. After swimming, the run distance was 12 km. There was 5 of us doing 12 km, so it was a good group to chat with. The pace was a bit fast for some stretches, so I didn’t chat all that much – but I was keeping up with the pace. Thankfully, B kept reminding people that the pace was “too fast” and we would cool it back to 6:20-6:30/km. I guess this is what I should expect when I’m running with people that have run the Boston Marathon multiple times. In all, 1:20 was spent on the run.

I also learned that the nickname for Muskoka is Beauty and the Beast. It is the beauty of nature all around on the course, but the course is a beast. I’ll just have to take it one hill at a time.

Sunday – The plan called for 1:00 bike and 20 min run as a brick. I had to deal with a possible natural gas issue (fingers crossed there is no leak), so I managed to get the 1:00 bike in, but not the 20 min run. But yesterday’s run was 1:20 while the training plan only called for 45 min, so I was 35 min to good on run time.


Week 1

Well Week 1 (of 20) is here. 20 weeks to prep for Muskoka 70.3. And, it didn’t start off well. I tweaked my knee at indoor soccer on Monday (so much for taking it easy on the rest day). When my knee wobbled in the game, I walked it off and played the rest of game. That night, lightning bolts of pain and fire coming from the side of knee. Frozen peas on my knee at 3:30 in the morning. So much for rest as the key part of training.

Tuesday – No biking occurred as I spent the day with my knee elevated and applying ice every hour. As the day went on, I went from almost no range of motion to being to able walk somewhat. Really, who starts a training plan with an injury? The unlucky. Dr Google diagnosed an MCL injury. Next 72 hours would let me know if I was going to miss more than Week 1 of the training plan.

Wednesday – Knee was improving immensely. I was able to go to work with a knee sleeve keeping my knee feeling stable. No running because of the knee. No swimming because of the massive rain/ice storm. There were fears it could be 1998 ice storm all over again. I knew my knee was recovering since I was able to walk to the store to get candles and matches (aka emergency supplies) without any difficulty.

Thursday – 1:00 bike. And it felt great. Training plan called for a 45 min bike and 15 min run, but it was still ice everywhere outside and I was in protect the knee mode. For the bike, I watched 2 episodes of 24 (season 2) on Netflix. Last year The West Wing got me through the trainer rides, this year it’s going to be Jack Bauer.

Friday – Another 1:00 bike. This ride took a bit of effort to get into. Maybe I went too hard yesterday? Maybe I should have had more rest? Or maybe, I’m not use to two days in a row of biking. For some reason, I chose to do Russian Steps as the main part of the ride. They are deceptively hard.

Saturday – For what felt like the first Saturday in a long time, I woke up with my alarm and actually felt rested. Crazy town. I got into my swim gear and packed my run gear and snack (english muffin with pb&j), and luckily I remembered to fill and take my water bottles (that would have a been a huge oops).

Swim – 3150m. It was a challenging session, with some 200m sets and some speed sets. Coach Ben knows how to push us. I’m still working on getting my left hand entry to be better. I know I get it right when I have less bubbles. Lots of bubbles means I messed up. I noticed improvement, but I still need to think about my hand entry on every stroke or the bad form comes back. I tried 1 whip kick and decided that breast stroke is on the no-go list until my knee is 100%.

Run – 9km. My run buddy from last winter, B, is back with the running group. I haven’t run with her since our last group run before our races last year. It was neat to catch up on what’s happened in the last 8 months and to share our race stories (we did different 70.3’s last year). The run was pretty good. I felt good considering how hard the swim had been. The sidewalks/paths were a bit treacherous in places with all the ice, but my knee was sleeved up and was fine.

Sunday -I was up early so I got my 1:30 on the bike in by 9am. For the afternoon, I convinced myself to go out for the 50 min run that was on the plan. Second run in 2 days was not as bad as I had anticipated. If it was only a tad warmer out, I would have had nothing to complain about. I think I surprised myself. 🙂