Really slow Sunday and Soup

The weekend means Long Slow Run.  I decided to challenge myself to do 10k.  Once I started though, I considered doing 5, but then I switched to 8, but I stuck with it and did 10.  It was definitely long and slow taking 1:07.  I think that is my slowest 10k ever.  It was chilly though, and I’m still getting over some jet lag.  I was happy with myself for not stopping, not turning around early.  Amazingly, I never felt a need to walk though.  I’ll call this progress.

I went to the gym this afternoon.  I had a post-run nap, and had to decide between sleeping the rest of the afternoon away, or going to the gym.  I chose gym.  After the gym, I picked up some groceries, including Polish sausage and beans to make a hearty soup (  The recipe was very easy to follow.  And the soup is tasty – the spinach was a nice touch.  I did scale down the recipe since I didn’t want to make that much.

Running total: 10 k

Monthly totals:

  • Swim 4200 m
  • Bike 540 km
  • Run 19.5 km

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