Week 1

Well Week 1 (of 20) is here. 20 weeks to prep for Muskoka 70.3. And, it didn’t start off well. I tweaked my knee at indoor soccer on Monday (so much for taking it easy on the rest day). When my knee wobbled in the game, I walked it off and played the rest of game. That night, lightning bolts of pain and fire coming from the side of knee. Frozen peas on my knee at 3:30 in the morning. So much for rest as the key part of training.

Tuesday – No biking occurred as I spent the day with my knee elevated and applying ice every hour. As the day went on, I went from almost no range of motion to being to able walk somewhat. Really, who starts a training plan with an injury? The unlucky. Dr Google diagnosed an MCL injury. Next 72 hours would let me know if I was going to miss more than Week 1 of the training plan.

Wednesday – Knee was improving immensely. I was able to go to work with a knee sleeve keeping my knee feeling stable. No┬árunning because of the knee. No swimming because of the massive rain/ice storm. There were fears it could be 1998 ice storm all over again. I knew my knee was recovering since I was able to walk to the store to get candles and matches (aka emergency supplies) without any difficulty.

Thursday – 1:00 bike. And it felt great. Training plan called for a 45 min bike and 15 min run, but it was still ice everywhere outside and I was in protect the knee mode. For the bike, I watched 2 episodes of 24 (season 2) on Netflix. Last year The West Wing got me through the trainer rides, this year it’s going to be Jack Bauer.

Friday – Another 1:00 bike. This ride took a bit of effort to get into. Maybe I went too hard yesterday? Maybe I should have had more rest? Or maybe, I’m not use to two days in a row of biking. For some reason, I chose to do Russian Steps as the main part of the ride. They are deceptively hard.

Saturday – For what felt like the first Saturday in a long time, I woke up with my alarm and actually felt rested. Crazy town. I got into my swim gear and packed my run gear and snack (english muffin with pb&j), and luckily I remembered to fill and take my water bottles (that would have a been a huge oops).

Swim – 3150m. It was a challenging session, with some 200m sets and some speed sets. Coach Ben knows how to push us. I’m still working on getting my left hand entry to be better. I know I get it right when I have less bubbles. Lots of bubbles means I messed up. I noticed improvement, but I still need to think about my hand entry on every stroke or the bad form comes back. I tried 1 whip kick and decided that breast stroke is on the no-go list until my knee is 100%.

Run – 9km. My run buddy from last winter, B, is back with the running group. I haven’t run with her since our last group run before our races last year. It was neat to catch up on what’s happened in the last 8 months and to share our race stories (we did different 70.3’s last year). The run was pretty good. I felt good considering how hard the swim had been. The sidewalks/paths were a bit treacherous in places with all the ice, but my knee was sleeved up and was fine.

Sunday -I was up early so I got my 1:30 on the bike in by 9am. For the afternoon, I convinced myself to go out for the 50 min run that was on the plan. Second run in 2 days was not as bad as I had anticipated. If it was only a tad warmer out, I would have had nothing to complain about. I think I surprised myself. ­čÖé



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