Week 3

Last Sunday finished off with a good swim session (2550m). Coach Nathalie was back and she gave me more advice: now that I’ve fixed my left hand entry, I need to get my head lower in the water and do less head lifting to breathe (turn, don’t lift to breathe). This head position issue may be easier to fix than my hand entry.

Monday – rest day. glorious rest day.

Tuesday – 1:10 bike with 30s power intervals. The bike went really well. It was one of the days where it all felt good.

Wednesday – 40 min fartlek run. I managed to get out for a lunch time run. It was raining, but it wasn’t cold. Some wires got crossed at work and I was irritated. Running irritated = running faster.

Swim – 2700 m. I swam with John and Joe – both of them 55+ and it took all I had to keep up with them. We did a build set, then had to hold our fastest time for 6 x 100. Joe lead and we did the 100’s on ~1:45. Soooo fast.

Thursday – Brick!! 1:00 bike and 20 min run. The bike took a bit to get into. This seems to be the theme for mid-week rides. After the ride, I changed into run gear and did 3.2km in 20 min. It was good run. My legs felt good and I felt like I had good energy.

Friday – After work I had supper out with friends, so no bike ride for me.

Saturday – 3200m swim follow by a 12 km run. I ran with Patti and we kept a nice training pace for the run. It wasn’t as warm as I had hoped for Saturday morning, especially not in the sections that were into the wind.

Sunday – 1:45 bike started the morning. I had gotten a ride plan from a friend and it had nice variety to keep me working. Despite opening the window behind me, I was a hot, sweaty mess after 20 min. After the ride, I ate a second breakfast and watched a bit of tv before going out for a 30 min. The weather was much nicer than Saturday’s, and the run wasn’t that bad.


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